Cordial Foundation Trust

When the old age is nearing, one tend to lose the ability to walk, talk and hear and slowly they become like a child.

Cordial Foundation Trust

We believe that it is our duty to care for our elders responsibly, to treat them with dignity, and to provide them with the highest level of care possible.

Cordial Foundation Trust

To Promote Human Worth and Dignity for the uncared sick, Disabled and mentally ill.

Cordial Foundation Trust

Cordial Foundation Trust


Cordial Foundation Trust (R)

Orphanage Home

Donate For Child

Childhood is the period when both body and mind grow faster than ever, Hence nutritious food is essential to their growth.

Donate For Old age People

Needs Charitable Trust (Cordial Foundation Trust) has been regularly conducting awareness camps were organized in Bangalore slum areas.

Donate For Education

Education is most important tool for survival which molds them into responsible citizen of our society and country.


Medical awareness is essential for respect the body so we are organising medical camps in different level.

Account Details

Cordial Foundation Trust(R)
Acc-No : 233710100042331
IFSC Code : UBIN0823376
Bank Name : Union Bank of India
Branch : Ullal Road Bangalore

Oldage welfare programme

To provide Education for the Poor Children’s.


Cordial Foundation Trust(R) is a non-profit secular & social service oriented voluntary organization started in 2018 with the objective of helping the destitute old and disable people, children, and women to lead a venerable life. Our Organization does not classify people based on secular, creed, compete, caste or gender or ethnic differences. Our organization's main objective is to reach out the needy and indigent people and support them in the medical, educational and social development areas.

Aim of our organization:
  • To provide Education for the Poor Children’s.
  • To Conduct Free Blood Donation Camps, Free Eye Camps, Free Health Camps.
  • To Establish Free Libraries in Needy Places.
  • To Establish Training Centers to Eliminate Unemployment.
  • To Develop Cultural & Sports Activities.
  • To Encourage for Celebrate National & Regional Festivals.
  • To Develop in Social & Rural Areas.


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