Cordial Foundation Trust is a non-profit secular & social service oriented voluntary organization started in 2018 with the objective of helping the destitute old and disable people, children, and women to lead a venerable life. Our Organization does not classify people based on secular, creed, compete, caste or gender or ethnic differences. The organization's main objective is to reach out to the needy and indigent people and support them in the medical, educational and social development areas.

We are up-to-date with the latest and world class nursing care technologies that provides the faster and best cure to our patients..

When the old age is nearing, one tend to lose the ability to walk, talk and hear and slowly they become like a child. Every person who lived their life honestly and straight forwardly, look for the mercy of others, to fulfill their day to day needs. During any emergency many of the elders are left alone for hours together and the chances of admitting them in hospitals are lost. This not only results in end of some ones life but also brings physical disablement to the elder and un-comfort to rest of their family members. There is no trained manpower available for elder’s care in houses.

To Bring Back dignity and hope in the lives of dying and destitute poor, We rescue and to habitat the dying elderly destitute on the streets. We provide them Family Care, medical attention and nutritious food. We give them Special Care with unlimited love and happiness.

To Promote Human Worth and Dignity for the uncared sick, Disabled and mentally ill. Patients found on the streets or due to some unforeseen situations families cannot take care of them, to provide emotional, spiritual and social needs.

We have care homes for all needing care.Our team of nursing care consists of well trained and experienced professionals that gives you tension free nursing care experience..

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